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    About: Corinth
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    Property Value Provenance
    typeOf City ikidata.org
    name Corinth datacommons.org
    latitude 34.9372 datacommons.org
    longitude -88.5153 datacommons.org
    elevation 134 datacommons.org
    area 78.4454 datacommons.org
    timezone America/Chicago datacommons.org
    fipsId 15700 datacommons.org
    gnisId 2404132 geonames.usgs.gov
    freebaseId /m/0wp9q ikidata.org
    containedInPlace dc/2byqpj3 datacommons.org
    usNatlArchivesId 10046206 ikidata.org
    containedInPlace dc/t6rsdv3 census.gov
    geonamesId 4422713 ikidata.org
    wikidataId Q1992093 ikidata.org
    localCuratorLevelId US_City_2815700 census.gov
    geoId 2815700 census.gov
    dcid dc/02721k datacommons.org

    location of CollegeOrUniversity
    location  of Corinth Academy of Cosmetology collegescorecard.ed.gov