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    About: Heard Island and McDonald Islands
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    Property Value Provenance
    typeOf Country ikidata.org
    name Heard Island and McDonald Islands datacommons.org
    countryAlpha2Code HM datacommons.org
    countryAlpha3Code HMD datacommons.org
    countryNumericCode 334 datacommons.org
    gndId 4451482-7 ikidata.org
    encyclopaediaBrittanicaId place/Heard-and-McDonald-Islands ikidata.org
    geonamesId 1547314 ikidata.org
    viafId 45144782950179677381 ikidata.org
    freebaseId /m/03h1f ikidata.org
    wikidataId Q131198 ikidata.org
    osmId 2177227 ikidata.org
    dcid dc/5md74m3 datacommons.org