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    About: Maldives
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    Property Value Provenance
    typeOf Country ikidata.org
    name Maldives datacommons.org
    area 298 datacommons.org
    countryAlpha2Code MV datacommons.org
    countryAlpha3Code MDV datacommons.org
    countryNumericCode 462 datacommons.org
    osmId 536773 ikidata.org
    encyclopaediaBrittanicaId place/Maldives ikidata.org
    freebaseId /m/04ty8 ikidata.org
    containedInPlace dc/gl5s9h3 datacommons.org
    wikidataId Q826 ikidata.org
    viafId 173440507 ikidata.org
    usNatlArchivesId 10044514 ikidata.org
    gndId 4037212-1 ikidata.org
    tgnId 7000331 ikidata.org
    worldcatId 1216917 ikidata.org
    babelnetId 00052966n ikidata.org
    geonamesId 1282028 ikidata.org
    dcid dc/5s4h651 datacommons.org

    country of BiologicalSpecimen
    country  of Lithophyllum craspedium Foslie sweetgum.nybg.org